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Training Students to Lead the Way

Cultivating leaders involves building the blocks of one's character, year after year.  As students mature, more and more opportunities for growth in leadership are given to them at HPCA.  By partnering with parents, we aim to grow the identities of our students. We believe that, as image-bearers, each student possesses unique and immeasurable gifts that can be nurtured and grown through various opportunities at school, chapels, clubs, honor societies, and more! 

At the Elementary level, students are assigned simple classroom tasks such as holding the door, changing the calendar, and other necessary classroom assignments.   Elementary students also participate in a grade level missions project. 

Middle school students complete their Servant's Heart project that cultivates the drive, and purpose, of serving others.  Middle school Junior Beta Club students also assist with elementary car rider line in the mornings.  

All high school students participate in their Life of Influence Project.  This helps students discover and develop — throughout their entire high school career — their own unique God-given mission in order to equip them for a life of personal and cultural transformation.