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We understand the commitment and sacrifice that our families make to ensure their child receives a rigorous, Christ-centered, academic program through enrollment at High Point Christian Academy.  We know this decision is not one that is taken lightly, and we are humbly honored in your interest in our school community.  
We are happy to review and discuss our tuition and fee structure with you personally.  
Please note: Tuition covers most costs, including books, accident insurance, K-8 testing, HS PSAT/pre-ACT tests, and facility usage fee.  All HPCA families must establish and use a Blackbaud Tuition account.  Tuition payments (10-month or 12-month) begin June 1st.  Tuition does not include lunches, after-school care, field trips, yearbooks, athletic fees, PE uniforms, AP exams, HS online courses, HS Technology fee, K-8 resource services, senior fees, etc.

2022-2023 Tuition and Financial Information - Preschool

2022-2023 Tuition and Financial Information - TK through 12th Grade

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has expanded the use of 529 plans (pre-tax savings for college tuition).  Starting in 2018, individuals can take up to $10,000 in distributions annually from their 529 plans to pay for private school tuition and books through 12th grade.  Seek the advice of your tax professional prior to making any decisions concerning 529 plans.

Blackbaud Tuition Payment Information
New HPCA Families:
Once accepted, you will need to read the Online Enrollment Instructions or watch the Parent Application Video to register for our tuition payment system.
Returning Families:
Click here to access Blackbaud online or view the Online Re-enrollment Instructions. 
Blackbaud Tuition Aid Information

High Point Christian Academy does not offer merit (academics, athletics, arts, etc) scholarships of any kind.  All assistance awarded through High Point Christian Academy is in the form of ​needs-based ​financial aid​.  In order to qualify for financial aid, you must apply for assistance through Blackbaud Tuition Aid.

Our third party Financial Assistance Administrator (Blackbaud Tuition Aid) individually reviews 100% of the need-based tuition assistance applications from families.  Parents must apply for tuition assistance each year through an online application process that requires tax returns and additional financial documents.
  • Blackbaud Parent Instructions and FAQ
  • Apply for Financial Aid through Blackbaud Tuition Aid (use school code: 12768)
Opportunity Scholarship Program

High Point Christian Academy welcomes students who are recipients of the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program.  The Opportunity Scholarship Act was passed by the General Assembly in July 2013 and will assist students in attending the school of their choice by awarding as much as $4,200 per student each year.

The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship program provides:
  • Scholarship money for any rising Kindergartner
  • Scholarship money for any K-12th grade student currently in public school
  • Up to $4,200 per year per student

The application process is from February 1– February 28 each year.  For more information, visit

Additional Fees
Tutoring: The cost of tutoring for students on academic probation, or who need additional help and any special testing for learning disabilities, etc., is the responsibility of the parents.
Withdrawal fee: Students who withdraw any time between July 1 and May 31 will be assessed a $1,000 withdrawal fee (TK-12th Grade) and a $500.00 withdrawal fee (Preschool) as well as be responsible for paying the full semester’s tuition for any semester in which the student attends one school day.
Other optional fees that are not included in the above amount are as follows:
  • Athletic fees – $100 per varsity sport + extra team clothing (differs by each team, usually is optional)
  • Class fees (there are a few classes that, if taken, have additional fees) – $50-$150
  • Trip fees (some classes have mandatory outside trips, for example senior class trip, chorus and band trips, advanced PE trip, etc.) – $200-$500
Angie Fary
Finance Director
336.841.8702 ext. 206
Julie Britton
Finance Coordinator
336.841.8702 ext. 237