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Middle School

Our 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders rule third floor domain of middle school!   Academics compel students into the worlds of Life and Earth Sciences, US History, Algebra and a complete overview of the Bible.  Middle schoolers bond together by participating in spirit week festivities; creating memories at Merriwood; watching their homemade volcanoes explode; serving others via their Servant’s Heart Project; Math Olympics; local, district and national Spelling Bee competitions; and various other extracurricular activities.

Middle School includes grades 6, 7, and 8.  Sixth grade has a 7 period academic day, while the 7th and 8th grade classes operate on “A” and “B” Day block schedules, similar to high school.

As part of the Academy’s Life of Influence program, each middle school student completes a Servant’s Heart project. Students focus on serving others in their own home, their extended family, and their community. Members of the Jr. Beta Club serve others through various projects at local community centers. Each grade level also assists a community or mission organization.

Academically, Middle School students can participate in Student Council and Jr. Beta Club.  Athletically, students can try out for Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track, and Volleyball.

Eighth grade students attend Camp Merriwood in the fall for fellowship and team building, and attend Washington D.C. in the spring as an academic field trip.

A Message from the Principal

From the Principal’s Desk
Working in middle school is similar to panning for gold. I panned for gold once and was quite disappointed when I spent a long period of time sifting through the debris, but never found a nugget. I did find a tiny flake that I could barely find again once it was placed in a tiny glass jar. Panning for gold takes hard work and time. It requires patience, faithfulness, and a never-give-up attitude.
When working with this age group, one has to sift through the debris. The debris consists of all the “stuff” that middle schoolers go through: physical changes, a desire to please their friends, testing the boundaries, figuring out what kind of person they want to be, changes in friendships (sometimes daily), self-consciousness, etc.
The flakes are glimpses of what we hope our children will become: intelligent, responsible, caring adults who desire to follow Christ. We see the flakes at different times in a student’s life: completing homework without being told, saying “thank you,” admitting a mistake, thinking of someone else’s needs, speaking to you as a friend, realizing a flaw, then attempting to change, doing something simply because it is the right thing to do, or taking the initiative to have a quiet time with the Lord.
It is easy to focus on all the dirt and rocks, but then we will never find the gold. The gold is there, but it needs to be uncovered. That is what the middle school years are all about: sifting through the debris, finding the gold, and beginning the molding process. Not too many people are prepared or willing to invest so much time in sifting out the flakes.
Our middle school teachers are prepared for the challenge. They love middle school students. They love them by teaching them, laughing with them, discussing topics with them, and, yes, even disciplining them and holding them accountable. They are good at sifting through the debris because they have a passion to see their students become what God has intended them to be. We want to help bring out the gold in the students’ lives.
Scott Prohaska

Junior Beta Club

Junior Beta Club
At the beginning of the second quarter of the seventh grade year, students may have the opportunity to join the Junior Beta Club. The Junior Beta Club is comprised of students who display Christ-like characteristics, maintain a high level of academic achievement, and desire to serve others. The purpose of the club is more than recognizing students who have achieved a certain standard. Its purpose is to train students to lead by serving others. Therefore, there are certain expectations of the members. Monthly meetings will be held that members must attend. They must be willing to make sacrifices so they can serve others in various school projects and community service activities. It is a great opportunity for students to serve others in the community and to learn more about their own personal gifts and abilities that the Lord has provided.
There are three requirements for becoming a member.
At the end of the sixth grade school year, students will need to have a numerical average of 95.00 or higher (without rounding). We will look at the final overall average, not each quarter. Students will also need to maintain a 95.00 or higher during the first quarter of the seventh grade. These grades include all core classes and special classes. Students who receive a 79 or lower in any class will not be considered for membership even if that 79 is in a special class.
Students must have a good behavior record to become a member. Students who have received major disciplinary action or have a pattern of demerits may not be considered. Students who have disciplinary issues after being inducted in the Junior Beta Club may be placed on probation, prohibited from participating in certain events, or dismissed from the club.
Christ-like Servant’s Heart
Students who have met both of the above requirements will be asked to complete permission forms from parents and reference forms from teachers and/or youth pastors.
Students who do not meet the criteria in seventh grade may be eligible after the second quarter of the eighth grade. All students will also have an opportunity to join the High School Beta Club in the 10th grade.
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Mr. Scott Prohaska
TK-8 Principal
BS Piedmont International University
M.Ed Columbia International University

Mr. Dave Walker
Middle School Assistant Principal
BA - Political Science - UNC Charlotte
MS - School Counseling - Liberty University
EdS - Educational Leadership - Liberty University