Office of Advancement

There can be no question that the Lord is doing great things at High Point Christian Academy.  The on-going support of our students, parents, teachers, staff, leadership, alumni, and community provides overwhelming evidence that God is at work.

Thank you for your desire to support and build up High Point Christian Academy, whether through your prayers, voluntary service, or generous contributions.  As a private Christian school, HPCA relies on tuition income and the consistent financial support of families, friends, and community members.  As we prepare this generation’s children for their future, your investment in HPCA is an eternal one — impacting students’ lives and Kingdom Education for generations to come!

Make an immediate gift to High Point Christian Academy using your credit card or checking account.  Your online gift can be directed to a specific program or investment area at the Academy.  

If you have questions about making a donation, please contact Jennifer Lambert at (336) 841-8702 ext. 207 or


To partner financially with HPCA, consider one of the following areas of support:

K.M. Vestal Annual Fund

The K. M. Vestal Annual Fund of HPCA is a vital component of the overall financial health of the Academy. Like most independent schools, HPCA relies on the Annual Fund to bridge the gap between the revenue generated by tuition and the real cost of the operations and programming of the school. Your unrestricted gift to the Annual Fund is a direct investment in our missions and commitment to the principles of Kingdom Education. Your generous contribution of any size to the Annual Fund is immediately put to use and will support any of the areas of academics, arts, athletics, or academy resources.

Claude and Mickie Gable Financial Assistance

In keeping with the mission and vision of HPCA, we desire to serve the community, providing Kingdom Education to like-minded families regardless of address or income. This is only made possible by the financial assistance offered through the Gable Fund. Your gift designated to this area will increase opportunities for Christian education to less-advantaged families and strengthen our commitment to training the children of this generation.

Unrestricted Gifts

Your unrestricted gift to HPCA is among the most valuable in that it allows Academy leaders to determine the allocation of your gift to the area of greatest need. An unrestricted gift is a direct investment in our mission and commitment to the principles of Kingdom Education. An unrestricted contribution of any size is immediately put to use and will support any of the areas of academics, arts, athletics, or academy resources.

Restricted Gifts

Your contribution in the form of a restricted gift allows you to designate your support to a specific purpose or program, allowing you the satisfaction of knowing you advanced an area that is meaningful to you. You have the flexibility of designating your gift for immediate use or future investment. Some of the areas that may interest donors with restricted gifts are academics, arts, athletics, financial assistance, biblical worldview, technology integration, facilities, and service/missions.

Matching Gifts

Talk with your employer about a matching gift program that would support your contribution of HPCA. Many companies support their employees’ generosity by matching their gift, further enhancing the contribution and making a lasting difference for HPCA. An employer may even double or triple the employee’s donation! These generous gifts can be restricted or unrestricted, as the donor designates.

Stocks/Securities Gifts

Gifts of stocks and bonds can provide the donor with significant tax advantages if transferred before they are sold. The revenue generated for HPCA from the sale of these gifts could be restricted for specific purposes, just as other gifts, or can be unrestricted. Contact the Office of Advancement to discuss your donation.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

It is our great desire to allow you to honor or remember a special friend or loved one through an honorary or memorial gift. These gifts are greatly appreciated and remind us of the importance of our school family and community. Many times a name or statement can be identified with the gift (plaque on a piece of equipment; framed certificate in the school, etc.) to recognize and acknowledge the special purpose for the giving.

Real Estate Gifts

The donation of real property to High Point Christian Academy allows the donor to avoid the tax on the appreciation in its value, as well as receive the deduction for charitable contribution when completing tax filing for the current year. Real estate gifts could include vacant land, income property, and primary or secondary residences. The donor should consult a financial advisor for details in real estate gifting and the tax advantages, or contact HPCA’s Office of Advancement.

Planned Giving

HPCA family and friends may wish to provide gifts of a lifetime through bequests, a charitable trust, gift annuities, or other planned giving, to provide long-term gifts that will strengthen Kingdom Education for years to come and for future generations. There are many ways to structure planned giving of this type. Please call your financial advisor or contact our Office of Advancement if God is prompting you to pursue this avenue of giving.

HPCA Mission Statement: “High Point Christian Academy is committed to Christ-centered, quality education and academic excellence in partnership with family and church within a loving, caring atmosphere.”

“High Point Christian Academy, as a ministry of Green Street Baptist Church of High Point, is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization. All gifts are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. You should consult legal and financial advisors, however, to determine the tax implications and deductibility of any gift.”