Opportunity Scholarship Program

Opportunity Scholarship Act

High Point Christian Academy welcomes students who are recipients of the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program.  The Opportunity Scholarship Act was passed by the General Assembly in July 2013 and will assist students in attending the school of their choice by awarding as much as $4,200 per student each year.

The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship program provides:

  • Scholarship money for any rising Kindergarten or 1st grade student currently in private school
  • Scholarship money for any K-12th grade student currently in public school
  • Private school education at HPCA
  • Up to $4,200 per year per student

Your child entering Kindergarten or 1st grade regardless of current school, and your child currently in public school in any grade, now has the opportunity to choose High Point Christian Academy.  Call HPCA today to see if you qualify.  336-841-8702 x207

Application process begins February 1st – Call Today!

Do you qualify?  (Maximum Household Gross Income for 2016)

Persons in Household Income Cap for Full Tuition Income Cap for 90%
Household of 2 Examples: one parent/one child or one grandparent/one child $30,044 $39,959
Household of 3 Examples: one parent/two children or two parents/one child or one parent/one grandparent/one child $37,777 $50,243
Household of 4 Examples: one parent/three children or two parents/two children or two grandparents/one parent/one child $45,510 $60,528
Household of 5 Examples: one parent/four children or two parents/three children or two parents/one grandparent/two children $53,243 $70,813
Household of 6 $60,976 $81,098