Resource Department

HPCA TK-8th Grade Resource Program
Students with special needs are given the opportunity to be served in the HPCA Resource Program. The Resource Program is mainly tutorial. In addition, we provide a remedial reading component, in order to better serve the needs of our students. All members of our Resource Team are certified teachers and have earned additional certificates in the “Teaching Diverse Learners Program” from The Hill Center in Durham, North Carolina. The Hill Center offers nationally-recognized professional development programs and specializes in working with students who have identified learning differences and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Our Resource personnel partner with classroom teachers and parents to meet the needs of our students with learning differences. We strive for effective communication between all parties. In addition to the tutoring/remediation services we offer, we help our students to develop organizational skills, study skills, and responsibility. Our Resource personnel provide progress reports to parents on a quarterly basis.

Remedial Reading Instruction
The HPCA Resource team utilizes a remedial reading program that is compatible with the reading curriculum used throughout the elementary level. The remedial reading instruction that we provide has been designed and purposed to meet the needs of students who have a weakness or a gap in foundational reading strategies. Reading remediation is implemented through the use of multi-sensory instruction based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. This research-based method has been proven to help students with learning differences to improve their reading abilities. The program is structured, systematic, and individualized. Resource sessions are designed to build phonological awareness, word attack skills, vocabulary, reading fluency, and reading comprehension.

High School Resource Class
Students facing academic challenges are given the opportunity to receive additional help, at no extra cost, through a class called Study Lab.  The teacher works with these students individually in small groups to help them in their core classes.  They are taught many skills that they will need throughout high school and beyond.

  • organizational skills
  • how to set goals
  • how to navigate RenWeb
  • how to be an advocate for themselves
  • how to study for quizzes and tests
  • how to manage their time