Pi Day 3.14

In recognition of Pi Day (3.14), HPCA students in grades 3-6 participated in 17 events covering math, electronics, technology, science, and other disciplines.

Control-Circuits, ChromaKey, CSI, Pi Chain, Groovy, Symmetry Me, CCC Mining, OBX, Numbers Game, Inch Worm, Pixels, Ready-Set-Pi, Nugget Noggin, Pi 1, Pi 2, 3D Video, RGB

Diamond Little memorized 79 digits of Pi!  Other winners:  3rd grade – Sophia Gordon 39, Jerry Le 21;  4th grade – Allie Ware 57, Jack Truhe 36;  5th grade – Aubrey Biddle 51, Mason Mosier 46, Raelyn Slike 38;  6th grade – Diamond Little 79, Rori Dominguez 61

Video covering HPCA 2017 Pi Day events

Green Screen Videos from teams Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, and Nitrogen