HS Life of Influence

Spring Play-2

Life of Influence Graduation Requirement
Preparing Hearts, Heads and Hands for Kingdom Impact

To help students discover and develop — throughout their entire high school career — their own unique God-given mission in order to equip them for a life of personal and cultural transformation.

-Motivation for Influence (exposure to people, readings and other experiences that highlight the need to be influencers not influenced: grades 9-12)
-Discovery of Life Mission and writing of a Purpose Statement (based upon gifts/talents/desires and KIP experience: grade 12)
-(KIP) Kommunity Impact Project (involvement in a service/advocacy project that matches the students’ mission with the purpose of influence: grades 11-12)

The LOI Graduation Requirement will be administered primarily through the Bible, UTT, and senior English classes.

Life of Influence Graduation Portfolio Guidelines 2019-2020