High School

We have an outstanding high school program that is committed to working in partnership with family, excelling in academics, and teaching our students to view life through a biblical perspective. We have had 16 graduating classes with 884 graduates. Our most recent graduates, the class of 2021, earned over $3.9 million in academic and athletic scholarships. Even though we have experienced tremendous growth in our high school over the last several years our mission statement has remained the same.

High Point Christian Academy is committed to Christ-centered, quality education and academic excellence in partnership with family and church within a loving, caring atmosphere.

Our academic program is excellent. All of our high school teachers are committed Christians with credentials to teach their subject areas. We offer three different levels of courses – College Prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP). All three levels of courses are designed to prepare our students for the academic rigor of college.  Not only do our teachers teach students their subjects effectively but more importantly they love their students and understand the importance of building lasting relationships!  We also have an outstanding Fine Arts Department and a comprehensive athletic department.