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What makes High Point Christian different from other schools?
Let’s ask some of the families who call it home:

[My son]  goes to school with a smile everyday and that is a huge improvement. He is so happy to be there and he thanks me all the time for making the change for him, putting him at this school giving him the opportunity to get a good education. It brings tears to me listening to him talk about God and the things he learns there daily.  I see his grades and I am deeply touched. He told me before school started the he wasn’t smart and that he wouldn’t make it through high school like his friends in Chapel Hill.  I asked him last week how he feels now since he sees on paper that he can make good grades if he tries because he is more than capable of doing it. He  said, I guess I am smarter than I thought and he smiled. I was pleased to see that he feels he can do it and that his self esteem has improved. I actually cried in my room afterwards and I am not a crier! [My son] feels less peer pressure and stress. I know that is from being in a Christian environment and from all the hard work you and the rest of the facility do daily, and the students he is around are hard working and wonderful. … I am so pleased with the school, words can’t describe the feeling. It is where he spends most of his day and the impact of the school has made a huge change in our lives for the better.
“Hands down the best thing about HPCA, in my opinion, is the staff, administrators, and teachers. I see how they dedicate themselves to our students and demonstrate the love of Christ on a daily basis.”
“I love that the teachers and staff actually care about my child. They want more than just academic success, they want my child to grow spiritually, serve others, and to have a sense that they are part of something bigger, that they belong.”
“My child is challenged and feels safe and well-liked by peers. Not only is my child developing academically and socially, but he is also developing spiritually.”
“Preparation for college is outstanding.”
“A safe environment and friendly atmosphere; make you feel welcome every time you enter the Academy.”
“The smaller classroom size, the technology, the extra individual attention the teachers give our children, the incredible staff (everyone remembers our children’s names), and most of all, the focus on a Christ-centered education.”
“I love that my child feels safe and secure. She loves her teachers and … we could not have asked for a better experience.”

As we experience rapid advances in technology, how we live, communicate, work, and study is dramatically changing. HPCA is preparing students for the world they will soon enter and for a future we can only imagine.
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