Pi Day 2018

How many digits of Pi can you recite? Wait until you hear how many some of our students know! We had an awesome day celebrating Pi Day (3.14)! Students in grades 3-6 separated into teams and spent the school day competing in several activities that focused on Newton’s three laws of motion.

The following students recited the highest digits per grade, and each won an apple pie! 😮
3rd Grade: 57 – Benjamin Fisher, 47 – Ray Cheng
4th Grade: 100 – Jerry Le, 82 – Sophia Bradsher
5th Grade: 62 – Allie Ware, 38 – Reagan Davis
6th Grade: 110 – Gerald Fisher, 110 – Mason Mosier
(For the highest digits recited, 6th grade won a grade level Chromebook.)

Session Games Winner (grade level won iPad mini) – 4th Grade Team Friction. Newton’s Games (grade level won iPad mini) – 6th Grade Team

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