High Point Christian Academy utilizes a network of Windows-based computers.  Each classroom is equipped with a computer for administrative and student use.  Elementary and Middle School students share a computer lab and attend computer classes once a week.  Technology skills are integrated into the classroom curriculum through use of quarterly technology projects.  In addition, students learn keyboarding skills beginning in Grade 2.

In the High School, HPCA offers a computer lab used by our Computer Science class.   Teachers  in other subject areas use remaining open lab time to enhance curriculum through SMARTBoard technology and project-based learning.

TK-8 Classrooms:
All classrooms in Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grades have an interactive SMARTBoard.  Teachers also have access to an iPad, iPad cart, document camera, and portable laptop/projectors.

TK-8 Tech Lab:
Students benefit from the use of 24 computer workstations,  an interactive SMARTBoard, iPads, and a 3D printer.

TK-8 Media Center:
In addition to basic card catalog searching techniques, students utilize 3 computers in the Media Center for Reading Counts reading program (Grades 2-5) and general classroom research (Grades 6-8).  A NOOK is available for use during school, and also to borrow for home.

High School Tech Lab:
The High School lab contains 23 computer workstations and an interactive SMARTBoard.

High School Yearbook Lab:
The Yearbook lab consists of 12 PCs with web-based design software to produce our yearbook.

High School Media Center:
This lab contains 8 computers for library and subject research, and 8 computers for students enrolled in online classes.

High School Science Labs:
The two science labs offer a resource of Dell wireless laptops, Venue tablets, and digital microscopes to broaden student learning.

High School Classrooms:
All core classrooms in the high school are equipped with interactive SMARTBoards.